Why a Mesh Nebulizer is the Best Nebulizer for Children to Use for Aerosol Respiratory Treatment

KID-FRIENDLY MESH NEBULIZERParents in search of the best nebulizer for kids should look for a mesh nebulizer that quietly produces a smoother mist to ensure that the treatment will bring a more pleasant experience for their child. While there are varying types of nebulizers recommended as treatment for patients suffering from asthma and other respiratory conditions, the mesh type is deemed as the most suitable for young patients suffering from severe respiratory illnesses.

What Exactly is a Mesh Nebulizer?

A mesh nebulizer is a practical innovation for the delivery of high-value medications for the treatment of asthma and other respiratory disorders. Using micropump technology, a mesh nebulizer quietly and efficiently pushes the liquid medicine held by a cup, into a perforated plate or mesh. The mesh vibrates with upward and downward motions in extruding and converting the drug into fine aerosol droplets or mists containing all ingredients of the medicine.

The mesh has an adjacent reservoir that acts as a chamber that limits the flow of the nebulized aerosol being pulled up by the Venturi tubings. That way, drug overdose will be avoided when the patient breathes in the medicated aerosol droplets by way of a mask or mouthpiece.

What Makes a Mesh Nebulizer More Suitable for Children?

kid-friendly inhalation maskA brand of mesh nebulizer is suitable for children if it has a higher level of efficiency in delivering reliable and effective medication through a well-built mesh technology that operates quietly in producing the mist containing the atomized medicine.

A mesh nebulizer must be kid-friendly, which denotes that it presents an enjoyable and portable solution anytime and anywhere the atomized medicine is needed.

If a young patient has severe breathing difficulties, which necessitates frequent nebulization treatments during the day and while travelling, the best mesh nebulizer to purchase must be sturdy; has a high-nebulizing capability and suitable for long term intensive use.

A Mouthpiece or Mask – Which Breathing Device Should Young Patients Use?

The use of a mouthpiece as a breathing device for aerosol therapy is recommended for children who are at least six years old; or at least able to follow instructions on how to use the mouthpiece. Mainly because patients are required to clench the mouthpiece with their teeth while closing their lips in order to seal it tightly when breathing in the aerosol through the mouth.

If done properly, the mouthpiece will allow the mist to come in and out. If the mist is only coming out of the mouthpiece, it denotes that the patient is breathing in the medication through the nose and not through the mouth.

A mask is more kid-friendly because a young patient can take slow deep breaths through both the nose and mouth for about 10 to 20 minutes; or until all the medicine in the medication cup runs out. A young patient must sit in an upright position and make sure that the mask fully covers the mouth and nose by holding the mask in place during the aerosol respiration treatment.