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Ghana MapGhana is the first country that AfrOx is supporting. Ghana is a strong partner for AfrOx. The combination of Ghana’s historic ties with Britain, its record of good governance and the commitment of local policy-makers and clinicians to control cancer make Ghana an excellent starting point for AfrOx to develop its work in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ghana, like many other developing countries, has witnessed a rapid change in many aspects of life during the last two decades most of these have been for the good, leading to an increased life expectancy in Ghanaians but it has also brought its share of problems one of them being the increasing cancer cases in the country.

The four most common cancers in Ghana are liver, prostate, breast and cervical. At present, Ghana has only two oncology centres, one in the capital Accra and one in Kumasi. There are only 4 oncologists in the country and no specialist cancer nurses.

Our programme priorities in Ghana include:

Support for national cancer care planning.
Provision of training and education for healthcare staff.
Improvement in palliative care.
Cancer prevention through screening and vaccination.
The early diagnosis and treatment of children’s cancer.
Raising public awareness of the early signs of cancer and methods of cancer prevention.

AfrOx’s aim is to focus on Ghana for at least the next five years, working on programmes in collaboration with health professionals, NGOs, research institutions, international cancer organizations and the pharmaceutical industry. We believe the Ghanaian government must be the driving force to develop and implement cancer control in their country, with support at every level provided by this international alliance. We will work closely with the Ghanaian Ministry of Health to ensure that our programmes fall within the objectives of the country’s National Cancer Plan, to ensure that our in-country programmes are sustainable in the long-term with funding for them being provided by the Government or private businesses within Ghana. We hope that our programmes in Ghana will serve as a template which can then be implemented in other African countries. The long-term aim is to establish a framework in which Ghana could then potentially serve as a regional hub for supporting the development of cancer services in neighbouring countries in West Africa.

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