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Professor D Kerr the Co- Founder of AfrOx was Awarded  the Distinguished Global Health Catalyst Award, from the 2017 Harvard Global Health Catalyst summit:


At this meetin Prof Kerr was involved in the Win-Win session and meetings:

First of all The Win-Win initiative is a notion. It is a hand in hand cooperation.  It belongs to all of you.
As you know, when President J.F. Kennedy declared that the arrival of the first  human being to the moon  will be before the end of the Sixties , it was seen very difficult and far objective, full of obstacles and challenges.
It was not just the money or the work that made it happened.. But it was the focused scientific and practical work concentrated on arriving to the endpoint.
In our session of Harvard Global Health Catalyst Summit, 28 April, 2019, in Harvard GHC Summit @Harvard Medical School,  we are NOT going to repeat  long introductions,  or  data about the tragic situations or detailed information about the increased  gap between the required and the available clinical oncology-radiotherapy cancer care  , and prevention. The tragic situation is Known by all!.  Also, we’ll not spend time to repeat decelerations and call for actions. There is enough!. Millions of cancer patients and their families in the world are in need to actual, touchable, accessible and affordable cancer services and not just talks or publications or conferences.  
As it is impossible to say all in a few minutes presentation, then we’ll be so focused in  our talks in the session, Moreover , in the side 2 meetings of 29 April, 2017  -as you see below- your contribution is mandatory to make more practical progress.
Thank you all.
Going forward, hand in hand . 
Friday 28 April, 2017. 4.00 pm-6.15.00 pm
Catalyzing win-win partnerships to increase Radiotherapy-clinical oncology cancer care and prevention in LMICs starting from Africa.
Chairs: Andy Winningham, Ph.D., Ahmed Elzawawy , MD
Part 1:  Keynotes

  • Keynote1-- Ahmed Elzawawy, MD:  Notions and perspectives of The Win-Win initiative to increase affordability of better value cancer care in the real world.  12 minutes +2 minutes for a very brief introduction and objectives) 
  • Keynote2—Dow Wilson , President and CEO of Varian and Andy Andy Whitman, Varian : current and perspectives  practical approaches of Varian to increase services  of value based  Radiotherapy care  in LMICs starting from Africa. ( 12’)
  • Keynote 3—David Kerr, MD, AFROX and Oxford University:  Novel strategies for earlier stage cancer presentation.  All would win!. (12’)
  •  Keynote 4-Dan Rutz:  How Health Communication  is an essential element for the success of the Win-Win initiative. Simple and practical approaches of an expert. (12’)

Part 2: Show cases 

A) Projects started:  On the hard way to overcome challenges…They will be done!: 

  • - E. Cazap:   Challenges for innovative actions in global health disparities (10’) 
  • - T.Ngoma  , MD: Brief on future direction to make a  functioning radiation Oncology service in North Tanzania. (10’)
  •    - Nicholas Abinya, MD: Updates of the Projects of Kisuma and Mombasa, Kenya          Radiotherapy-Clinical Oncology services.  (10’)
  • -  Rebecca Bueker, MD  et al  (Mbingo Cancer Center Project in Cameroon)
  • - (P.S. There are important plans and promising  projects are presented along the summit : Nigeria , South Africa , Democratic Republic of Congo,  Nigeria  and Ivory Coast) 
  • B) Bright achievements , solutions and  practical support to realize clinical oncology services:  
  • -Rasha Kelei, Merck : Merck cancer access program. Supporting public and Public-Private private partnership as a Win-Win approach.   (10’)
  • - Holger Virtz:  Solar-powered radiotherapy - chance for Radio-Oncology in Africa (10’)
  •   - Francisco Aves,Ph.D: update of our experience in Angola and Mozambique. (10’) 
  • - Q/A: 5 minutes.




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