Africa Oxford Cancer Foundation

The global disparities in cancer care are stark. Lack of resources and basic infrastructure mean that most African countries  have no access to cancer screening, early diagnosis, treatment or palliative care. Consequently a diagnosis of cancer leads, in most cases, to a painful and distressing death.

However, over one third of cancer deaths are due to preventable causes such as viral infection, poor nutrition and widespread tobacco use. Another third of cases are treatable if detected early – but governments and institutions face a wide range of serious health problems and cancer is often not a priority in limited resource settings.

By 2030 there are expected to be 22 million new cases of cancer every year, 60% of which will be in Low to Middle Income Countries’s where governments are least prepared to address the growing cancer burden and where survival rates are often less than half those of more developed countries.



AfrOx believes that by forging alliances of individuals, NGOs and governments to share expertise, technology, training and a degree of philanthropic support, much could be done to help reduce global disparities in cancer care.

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